Download Mi Flash Tool for Windows - Xiaomi Flash Tool

Flashing an Android device simply brings high optimization to the operating system. And if the device is Xiaomi, the best recommendation comes as Mi Flash Tool which works prioritizing Xiaomi software and covering up almost all of the Smartphones and Tablets. The Xiaomi flash tool is completely free and promised working in an extremely flexible frame in focus for the ease of the user. So here we go for the complete learning of this tool including the updates to the tool, work capacity and more.

Mi Flash Tool Download

Just like many of the flashing programs, xiaomi flash needs a desktop computer to perform. So it is a must to get with a Windows running PC if you need to continue with the latest Mi Flash Tool Download. So let us start with the features.

Mi Flash Tool Download Links

The latest versions of Xiaomi flash is available to download from this section. Click respective download links to install mi flash unlock tool on your Windows computer.

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Mi Phone Flash Features

  • Mi Flash installer - Xiaomi Flash Tool which we better have known the detailed app comes in an installer package. So soon once downloaded, it required installing to the PC. In the package you installed, you will find ADB Tool, the application file and also inbuilt drivers software

  • Coming with inbuilt drivers software - The tool package comes with inbuilt drivers which are as Qualcomm USB sequential Driver, Google ADB Tool and Drivers, RNDIS Driver and also Microsoft MTP. So you are here not required to take the drivers installed to the PC manually as the program itself comes packed the supported drivers. So things are easier and time-saving here

  • Comes with multiple flashing options - In this tool, you will find three flashing techniques to choose from. They are as "Flash all", “Flash_all_except storage" and “Flash_all_except data and storage”. As the default technique in flashing fast boot files on Xiaomi, we recommend "Flash_all except storage"

  • Addition to the above, there is a command as "Clean all" to clean the installation of MIUI ROM. Then with "Save user date" MIUI firmware will be installed to the internal storage whereas "Clean all and lock" will clean the data and will clock the bootloader which is unlocked

Mi Flash Unlock Tool Compatible Devices

It is happy to state that all of the Xiaomi smartphones and Tablets are supported here with the respected application versions. They are with effective scripts to make the highest success in the output but exclusively for Xiaomi. So always check for the most compatible app version concern the device and software it takes.

  • Mi 2/ Mi3/ Mi4/ Mi4i and 4c model
  • Mi 4s and Mi 5
  • Redmi Note 3G and 4th Generation model
  • Redmi 1/ Redmi 1S and Redmi 2
  • Mi Pad
  • Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note 3

Updates of Xiaomi Flash Tool Download

As of the time being, Mi Flash v7.4.25 is the latest we find. It supports the most effective one-click techniques and promises to bring you the most stable performance throughout flashing. It also confirms several fixes to the previously reported bugs making you verified the highest success after all processing. And with the new version, you have support for Windows 7 and up whereas both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system, version support has added. But remember it supports Mi3 to up and no older. 

In case if you are already with any older version, remember to uninstall before starting the new installation.

How to Download Mi Flash Tool and Flash Xiaomi Device

Mi Flash Tool Download

Before going for any processing, make a complete backup. And make sure you are with the right tool version for the right device and Android firmware.

  • Download Fastboot ROM by checking the support. Then immediately extract to get supported formats
  • Download Mi Flash on the Windows PC (Windows 7 or up)
  • Then, unzip the package and click exe file for the installation
  • Go to the application's interface and continue with “Browse”
  • Attach the ROM file downloaded
  • Turn your device into the Fastboot mode by switching the smart device off and simply press and hold Volume Down and Power keys
  • Then connect the device to the computer that is in the fast boot mode
  • Go back to the tool interface and note whether your device is connected
  • Then select the flash option from all three as Flash-all, Flash all except storage and Flash all except data and storage
  • Hit Flash and wait

You should here continue waiting until all processing ends up with a reboot.

Video Tutorial on Xiaomi Mi Flash

If you have any abstruse on exposed instructions use our video tutorial to bypass the impediment. It is highly recommended to follow correct instructions only to use the application. Otherwise, it may occur some issues plus bricking devices.

Developer Thanks for Xiaomi Flash Tool

All the thanks for Mi Flash Tool download and free distribution goes to Xiaomi Inc. So stay tuned to catch up more updates supporting more device and firmware in the times up.